There’s a sport out there for everyone

With hundreds of sessions, activities and clubs across the region, we’re confident we can find you something¬†to get involved in. Whether its your very first time trying an accuracy¬†sport, or you’ve always fancied a go at watersports, take our quiz to find the most suitable sports for you!

1. How tall are you?

I'm neither tall or small

2. Are you a lone wolf or a social butterfly?

I like a good mix, a bit of team and a bit of me

3. Are you indoorsy or outdoorsy?

My left side is in the leisure centre, my right side is in a field

4. Are you a water mammal or land beast?

I'm partial to a little water sport

5. Do you laugh in the face of pain, or whimper at its name?

A little bit of pain doesn't bother me

6. Are you a couch spud or a gym bean?

I'm quite active, but could do more

7. Are you as soft as a kitten or powerful as an ox?

I can hold my own

8. Master marksman or do you struggle to shoot fish in a barrel?

I like target sports but I'm not that great at them

9. Are you in it to win it?

I like a bit of fun, but it's good to have competition!