The Workplace Challenge is a national programme, funded by Sport England, which aims to engage workplaces in physical activity and sport. Companies and organisations across Kent are invited to take part and everyone is welcome to sign up to the free online activity tool, no matter how active or inactive they currently are.

Developing a new habit and changing a few bad ones has made all the difference to my health and well-being. I feel like I am on the start of a new and exciting journey and signing up to Kent's Workplace Challenge has helped make this possible

The social aspect of the challenge creates fun in the workplace and increases team spirit. Activities can be anything from a 10 minute walk, a 30 minute run at lunchtime, a bike ride or exercise class in the evening, gardening at the weekend, through to netball or football training with friends.

I’m not normally an active or competitive person but the workplace Challenge has really encouraged me to get up and keep moving even on days when all I really want to do is sit with my feet up. Colleagues are now used to seeing me jog on the spot at the printer, or pacing whilst on the phone as every step counts!

Once you’ve signed up you just need to log your activity. The more activity you do, the more points you get… and points make prizes!

I got involved in the Workplace Challenge as it's good to see how the points rack up as the weeks go by. A colleague has arranged “Walking Wednesdays” as a part of the Challenge and we've been working up a sweat in the lunch hour encouraging as many staff to join us